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Helioscreen is a manufacturer of solar systems for windows.

The fabrics of Helioscreen are very resistant and fire retardant.

Helioscreen products resist to high temperatures and to ultra violet light. They were tested by the "weather-o-meter" system for a period of 7 days at 70ºC and had a dimension change of only 0,2%

Light transmission and fabrics opening are critical factors in light control allowing light filtering but keeping exterior transparence.

When used externaly the fabrics can make a 90% heat reflection, allowing a 60% reduction of power consumption of ar conditioning systems

The elegant design a colour of fabrics allow light filtration but keep a elegant interior decoration

Estores interiores helioscreen Interior blinds
Estores blackout helioscreen Interiores Blackout blinds
Estores exteriores helioscreen Exterior blinds

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